Missions Team 

Missions Team, this team oversees ongoing missions/evangelism including missions from and to Hebron Church, there are various missions currently taking place including:
Evangelism Events; Street Evangelism; Friday nights- Pubs n Clubs; Evangelano's Community Cafe; Broad-field Park; Schools;  Prisons; Outreach Events; Mission Trips (national/regional/local/overseas)
Why does the Ministry exist?– We believe that the mission of God’s people arises from the mission and purpose of God himself: Hebron's strap line is to "Love & Serve God, Love & Serve People, Share God With People" This ministry is to actively encourage spirit filled Christians to engage in their specified areas of service, Live Eac Day As If Its Your Last Day Here On Earth!!
When Weekly, dependent on each area of specific mission. (See sub ministry for further details)
Where- Hebron Church. (local/ regional/national/overseas)

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