Park Ministry & Breakfast Club

Park Ministry / Sunday's 1pm @ Broadfield Park

The park ministry is a ministry that has been helping for many years, the service users themselves named four years ago ’PASTIES IN THE PARK’. It is never just food and hot drinks to them, it is manna from above and they do declare this. We offer a word in and out of season, a time of prayer, a shoulder to cry on and a listening ear, as they have a vast amount of problems. We always bring the Good news to them. God loves them from where they are at. At times we have to guard their path from all kinds of abuse, but we have always known God's protection.

The park is a vital part of a meeting point especially to those we haven’t met before, it gives them a safe environment to be introduced to God on their territory!! Most come along to the breakfast club and meet the team and enjoy a full cooked breakfast and receive help in many ways.

Breakfast Club / Friday's 10am @ Hebron Church

Well, another blessed year helping Rochdale's poor and needy. Whilst funding has been difficult, we would like to take the opportunity in thanking the generosity of those who have cheerfully given to this ministry. Every little helps!! Whether in prayer, financial or practical. We thank you. They need to see us all pulling together and shining God's Grace and love.

The breakfast club couldn't take place without such a diverse team effort!! So well done you beautiful bunch!! It's diverse, as we have people within the church, off Falinge Estate and from the ministry that love to put back in to build such a fabulous team. We also have contributions from other people that offer regularly with gifts of clothes, cosmetics, bedding etc. I would love to name just a few but a special thank you to everyone . We have been receiving lots of training from the RBH group, so we are more than well equipped!! Like Health & Safety, Safeguarding; the list goes on. We have made some great connections from around the community, where we are able to work together for the good of the people we serve. We have seen fruit from the sowing, some may lapse from time to time, but they know we are here for them, to help them in their time of recovery. Some great news, a lot of the once homeless have been homed and supported from the church and Rochdale's community. God’s hand is extended far more than we are able to imagine, so thank you Lord and all glory and honour belongs to You. Thank you that you are a forgiving, gracious God, and you love to provide and protect. Your love has no boundaries, you go above and beyond. You love the poor and needy and supply our every need. You love it when others give from a heart of love to these precious lambs. This, as it says in Isaiah 58, is true fasting.