Twenty 20 Youth Club


20/20 Youth Fellowship, our vision for this work with young people is based on Jeremiah 29.11?'For I know the plan I have for you, plans to prosper you and not harm you, plans to give you hope and a future?'. We share God and fellowship with the young adults through games, worship and listening to God’s word.

Why does the Ministry exist?  We want to reach out to young people in our community, provide them with safe space, positive relationships, and fun, and friendship, lots of activities, experience and opportunities to learn more about God.

When :  Fridays 7.30pm

Where : Hebron Church

20/20 Youth Friday night
Friday nights are front lead meeting, we have games, quizzes, icebreakers, worship and word, we also feed the young people every week, it’s something that we started when we did the Alpha course and it has continued to be beneficial to the young people The young people (and leaders) have so much fun, they are all such wonder-ful young people with massive potential in God. God is working each week in their lives. We have seen a mas-sive improvement in the unchurched young people’s behaviour. Although Friday nights can still be challenging, we have young people that have tags, are on ASBO’s, have bail conditions and lots of other issues, which can be difficult, but we are faithfully continuing to build relationships.

Alive Mission
We took part in the town wide Alive mission, we hosted one of the Message bands, and had a great turnout to the event, with many young people making decisions to follow Jesus.

20/20 Youth Extra Discipleship Group Sunday night
We realised that Friday night youth was dominated by young people with challenging behaviour, we therefore were not able to extend our ‘God slot’ to more than 15 minutes. We weren’t happy that the young people who attend church were not getting discipled. We decided to start a discipleship group on a Sunday night for young people who have made a decision to follow Jesus. The group is a great space for the young people to lay the foundations of the Christian Faith, and to equip them and support on their walk.

Junior Membership
We think it’s important that the young people in our church feel valued, and part of the body before they reach the age of 18. We have designed a junior membership pack, which goes hand in hand with the discipleship group where we are encouraging our young people to be committed, active serving members of the church. This will involve the young people signing up and being welcomed as Junior members by the elders.

Rock Nations August 2018
We took some young people to the youth conference at Bradford Life church, it was a fantastic experience for our young people, to have the opportunity to worship alongside thousands of young people and receive some incredible teaching.

Young Leaders
We are so pleased to introduce Deborah as our new young leader, she is a capable, mature Christian, who is great at encouraging our young people in their walk with God and has the understanding of how difficult being in school is for this generation of young people.

Whitworth Youth
Whitworth Youth is going from strength to strength, we are running a successful youth provision and building relationships each week.
Sarah is present in the school mentoring young people who are struggling for lots of different reasons and is also seeing young people outside of school that are not attending at all. There are some very desperate young people in Whitworth that are coming across our path, but God is working, he is providing much needed wisdom and resources, that allow us to meet the needs of the young people.

We have been given permission to start a Christian Union at the high school, which will be starting in the New Year, we will start with the young people in the school who are Christian, we will provide much needed support and equipping of God’s word, and we will build towards some evangelistic outreach.
“Dad’s Me and Tea” is going incredibly well, we have had to limit the numbers to 50 families because it is so popular, but the room isn’t big enough! Relationships are being built with the families and they are so grateful to have the space with their children, it is a positive experience for all involved.

We offered a youth club holiday provision for two weeks in the summer, where the young people signed up and we provided them with great activities. We took them on trips which they thoroughly enjoyed. We also invited the Eden Bus and the young people had loads of fun with all the different activities on the bus, and then listened to the gospel, where some of the young people responded, and wanted to know more about God! Watch this space!

We are hopefully going to triple our provision by April thanks to being given permission to use the Local Authority youth club. All we need now are volunteers!!
God is continually opening doors, and the community, agencies, police, schools, families are behind what we are doing 100%, God is truly blessing this work and the people’s hearts are ready.

Please continue to pray for us. We are starting a project in the New Year in the local pupil referral unit, we are doing an art project which helps the young people think of others, we are using this as a tool to build relation-ships and connect with the young people and bring the light of Jesus into their lives.
We have a wonderful committed team which allows all this to happen, they demonstrate the love of God each week. We are truly showing the young people that Jesus is the answer!

Please continue to uphold us in your prayers.

If you are new to the church and wish to find out more about the youth activities we run for your child or children then please visit our Contact Us page.